Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Actions, Textures, And Presets.....

Coming soon :)

If you click the link above (purchase photoshop actions) you can see samples of my actions and purchase them if you like :) I'm working on a new set based on some Iphone apps I fell in love with :)


  1. Hi - do you have any textures for sale please?
    Angela :D

  2. Hi Angela...I am working on some textures right now and they should be ready soon. I will post them for sale here and let everyone know on Facebook when they are done :) Thanks so much!!

  3. I just found your stream on Flickr and this page also through a friend...please, please tell me that someday you will make actions for photoshop elements...yours are so beautiful...thank you for the eye candy.

    1. Hi Cheryl..thank you so much! I am not working on any actions for Elements right now..sorry. But I realize a lot of people really would like them..so as soon as I can figure out how to..I will..lol :) Thanks again :) x